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The Oncology Consultants team of Doctors and staff is committed to providing a positive, caring, and educational social media experience for our patients, their families, and the community. We welcome and encourage your positive feedback and support for one another on your journey to wellness. We ask and expect that all participants in our social media channels exercise good judgement and mutual respect while sharing your experiences and opinions. As a policy we block inappropriate content, and comments that distract from the positive community atmosphere we hope to create.


Specific Medical Advice

While our articles, posts, videos, and notes are meant to be both educational and uplifting, they ARE NOT a substitute for direct physician consultation. No one reading the content and comments by OC or another user should interpret the material as anything other than General, NON SPECIFIC, accurate updates as of the time of the posting. Should you or a loved one have a specific question, please make an appointment to see a licensed medical professional. No OC Doctor, Nurse, or staff member will respond to a specific question or comment for a specific patient via Social Media. To do so, would violate your rights under HIPAA.


We encourage our current and active patients to communicate with your physician or OC Staff via the SECURE patient portal that you can access directly or via our website.  Click Here to Access the Portal.


Use Caution When Listing Personal Information On All Social Media Sites 

We will electronically block any disclosure of your personal protected information that we detect on our social media channels including Facebook. That said, we do not control what shows up on your page or what others may post related to your treatment on your page.


As a consequence, we strongly advise that your limit your comments on your own Facebook or other social media sites so that you do not expose your PHI Protected Health Information under HIPAAor any other identity related information governed under ITEP, the Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act.  

We recommend you avoid specific comments about your specific treatment and conditions. Do not post or share your personal details such as address, medical record number, birth date, social security number or any other critical detail on the internet.


Online Community Moderation of OC Sites 

Your comments, profile interaction, and content (photos) will be blocked for violating any of our community standards.

  • Personal Attacks on Individuals or Specific Groups

  • Illegal Content or Content that violates the established rights of any person or

  • business entity including PRIVACY, Intellectual Property, or Publicity.

  • Discriminatory content on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, gender, national origin,

  • income level, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or

  • any other form of discrimination.

  • Comments or content that is sexual in nature including links to outside sites.

  • Links or Advertising to any outside vendor or business, or service who is not approved

  • and identified as a partner of Oncology Consultants.

  • Competitive Content.

  • False or Unproven Medical Statements or Advice that could negatively impact

  • a patient or our ability to effectively treat our patients according to US Nationally

  • recognized standards and practices.

  • Any content that is submitted in poor taste and is therefore against the core values

  • of Oncology Consultants. We retain the right to exercise sole discretion in this regard.


Social Media Monitoring Process

The Oncology Consultants suite of Social Media Channels are actively monitored during normal business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our policy statements or

social media presence please email


We will attempt to respond within 48-72 hours during normal business hours.


Right of Participation in Oncology Consultants Media Channels 

By Liking, Posting, Connecting or Interacting with Oncology Consultants Social Media Channels including but not limited to Facebook, Google +, Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, you are committing to the following:

You are hereby granting Oncology Consultants the irrevocable right to distribute, publish, reproduce, display, edit, modify as needed, and create new content or derivative works from your posted content on our page or site for any purpose and in any media without legal or monetary consideration to you or the original author.


When you post you are publicly stating that you have full rights and freedom to post your image, content or comment and that the content is not owned or in dispute with another person or entity.


The waiver of your content and contribution rights on the Oncology Consultants page in NO WAY affects and impacts the content or ownership of your page or content on your page nor does such waiver conflict with established content rules created and governed by media providers such as Facebook.


Any and all viewpoints, statements, “Likes” or comments issued by Oncology Consultants are strictly from and by the commenter alone and don’t constitute an official policy or endorsement on the part of Oncology Consultants. Oncology Consultants does not endorse third party sites, vendors, or services.

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