Clinton Willour

Multiple Cancer Survivor

Clinton Willour

Mr. Clinton Willour is well-known in the Houston art community, spending his professional and personal life spreading his expertise and love of art.

Mr. Willour has been with the OC Family for 4 years battling two different diseases with Dr. Hude. "You become shocked when someone tells you that you have cancer." His journey included both radiation and chemo. "It wasn't as bad as I expected."

"Dr. Hude put a good team together for me,” Mr. Willour says. “And he is good at explaining all the options. He saved my life!” He goes on to say, “Dr. Hude is compassionate and knows how to talk to patients. He has become a friend to me. He is simply a good, funny and caring guy. You can quickly sense that he truly does care. Dr. Hude is the real deal!"

Thank you for sharing your story Mr. Clinton Willour, together we'll overcome cancer!