Mrs. Kimberly Plummer

Breast Cancer Warrior & Survivor

Mrs.  Kimberly Plummer

Doctor: Devesh Pandya, MD (Sugar Land campus)

I am a Breast Cancer warrior and survivor, and I am cancer free as of 5/10/2022!!
I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer in June 2021. My family doctor sent me to Dr. Devesh Pandya because of concerning markers in my bloodwork (nothing to do with cancer unless she just didn’t want to worry me). I was told he is a Hematologist, so imagine my surprise when I arrived and saw Oncology Consultants on the door. I knew I was in the wrong place. I went inside to inquire anyway and learned he is both a Board-Certified Oncologist and Hematologist.

On my second visit, to discuss the results of my bloodwork, Dr. Pandya noticed a large swollen node in my underarm. I knew it was there but thought nothing of it, it had come and gone in the past. He immediately changed my mammogram, which was scheduled for 3 weeks out, to a stat request.

When Dr. Pandya said the words, you have breast cancer, my first thought was: please God no, cancer cannot touch this family again. My kids real Mom died of Lung Cancer when they were just ages 6, 8 and 17. I have been raising them since a year after that, with my husband. My next thought was I’m going to die. I was uneducated and believed Stage 3C must be just before Stage 4, which meant death. (I now know people can live with Stage 4 cancer).

When you live in Houston, it seems blasphemous to not go to MD Anderson. I received a second opinion with MD Anderson, but I already knew I wanted to stay with Dr. Pandya. He was gracious and professional enough to speak to their doctors the day I was there. I felt at home and confident with Dr. Pandya right away. Fast forward to finding out that he is from the same town in Louisiana that my family is from. Dr. Pandya named me his valedictorian patient, for how I came through the harshest chemo on the market, with little to no side effects.

I am alive today by God’s grace and because Dr. Pandya is a brilliant, caring, compassionate, straightforward, and thorough doctor. He makes things plain. He has the best personality and cares deeply about his patients. He has never rushed me, answers my questions (I show up with a spiral notebook full of them) and always has print outs for me to refer to at home. I continue to visit Oncology Consultants because I am on anti-recurrence maintenance meds, that require periodic labs. The entire staff is more than competent and caring, including Jenny, Monica, Lashella, the ladies in the lab and well as Wendy and the other oncology nurses. I don’t wish cancer on anyone, but if you must have it, the best experience is with Oncology Consultants.