Ms. Magbanua

Stage 3 Breast Cancer & Lymphoma Survivor

Ms. Magbanua

Ms. Magbanua has been with our #OCfamily since 2013 when she was first diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. After winning that battle, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma a few years later. As of today, she has beat cancer for the second time. She has walked this long journey with Dr. Hasham-Jiwa by her side. Ms. Magbanua loves Oncology Consultants, and her doctor, Dr. Hasham-Jiwa. Dr. Hasham-Jiwa (along with the staff at the Southeast, Pearland and Imaging clinics) treat her like family and are constantly smiling, filling her experience with a positive atmosphere and allowing her to focus on getting better versus getting depressed. "When Dr. Hasham-Jiwa tells you something, she acts on it. She would answer my calls during after hours, and would immediately follow up with any questions and concerns. She is always sympathetic"

"They truly care about me, and that motivates me to do better. When I come in for treatment, I see it as a break, a time for relaxation. The environment is very comfortable. The staff constantly checks on me by asking if I need a blanket, food, etc. The entire staff would rejoice for me when my results came back good." Ms. Magbanua feels as if she is a guest at someone's house, far from the reality of an Oncology Clinic.

Years after battling breast cancer, Ms. Magbanua was diagnosed with Lymphoma. This time her family urged her to got to MD Anderson, for the sake of her family wishes; she decided to try them out. However, she did not stay long as her experience was very much different than that of Oncology Consultants. Ms. Magbanua quickly transferred back to Dr. Hasham-Jiwa at Oncology Consultants and won the battle against Lymphoma. "Before I complain, they can already tell when something is wrong. They do not even give me the chance to complain. I am very impressed with the quality of care that Oncology Consultants offers. They treat each of their patients with equal care."

Thank you Ms. Magbanua for sharing your story, and together we will continue to overcome cancer!