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Q: How do I make an appointment to see the Radiation Oncologist?

You can reach us at (713) 722-9660 to make an appointment. Further information can be found at:

Q: What is Radiation Therapy?

Houston Precision Cancer Center offers the most advanced level of radiation therapy using localized high-energy rays to combat cancer cells and eradicate visible tumors; preventing them from growing and; dividing while minimizing side effects. You can find more information at:

Q: What if I need transportation to my oncology appointments?

Transportation shouldn’t be a roadblock to cancer treatment. Even with help from family and friends, sometimes patients have trouble getting every ride they need. Please call us for help finding a ride at 1-800-227-2345. For additional information, please click the link:

Q: What to expect with Radiation Therapy

Your first visit with Dr. Yu is called your consultation visit where he will review all of your records and pathology reports and give you a physical exam. The first step is helping you, as a patient, understand your diagnosis and the treatments available to you. During this first visit, Dr. Yu will go over information about your type of cancer, the radiation treatment choices and any possible side effects. He will also review your treatment plan. You will find further information at:

Q: Are there any financing options for Radiation Therapy out-of-pocket costs?

You can call Houston Precision Cancer Center at

(713) 722-9660 (option 1) for details.

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