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What a Referring Physician Can Expect

  • Open lines of communication

  • Consistent patient updates

  • Accessibility to patient & physicians

  • Welcomes input & feedback


Ways to Refer a Patient

  • Call the location directly and schedule an appointment with OC scheduler

  • Complete this form and we will contact your patient to schedule their appointment

  • For urgent appointments, please call the facility which you would like to refer to

  • Referring Physician Fax: 713-600-0533


Information We Will Need

We need to receive all available medical records prior to their arriving for their first appointment

to ensure that we provide your patients with the best possible care and assessment.

  • Pathology Reports

  • Procedure/Operative Notes

  • Pertinent Diagnostic

  • Imaging Reports (Chest x-rays/CAT/MRI/Bone Scan)

  • Medical Office Notes

  • List of prescribed medications

"At Oncology Consultants, referring physicians are an integral part of the treatment process. Our practice encourages interaction, open communication, and values the input of referring physicians throughout each patient's treatment. We are committed to providing the best possible treatment, care and outcome for each patient. Stay informed. Contribute to your patient's case. Be a valued partner in our pursuit to overcome cancer."

Oncology Consultants sends thanks to our referring offices!

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