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HAPPY NEW YEAR! On behalf of the entire Oncology Consultants team, we sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. We wish you a prosperous new year and look forward to serving you in 2017. At the beginning of each year, we are obligated to re-verify benefits on all our patient’s health insurance plans. Before your appointment next year, Oncology Consultants will contact your insurance company to establish if there have been any changes in benefits. Here’s how you can help. Please let us know as soon as possible if any of the following modifications involving your insurance has taken place:

Commercial Insurance 1. Have you switched to another insurance company or plan? (Even if the change takes effect starting next year) 2. Did you select any changes to your current health plan’s benefit structure? (Higher or lower deductible, co-pays, type of plan (HMO, PPO, etc.)? 3. Have you signed up or re-enrolled for a new or different Market Place Exchange Insurance?

Medicare 4. Did you add a secondary insurance to your Traditional Medicare Plan? 5. Did you switch from Traditional Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Insurance or Replacement Supplement Plan? 6. Have you switched to another Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan?

Medicare and Medicaid (Dual Eligible) 7. If you are a Medicare beneficiary—do you qualify as a Dual Eligible Beneficiary? (Medicaid secondary) 8. Have you recently been enrolled or switched from traditional Medicaid plan or a Medicaid Managed Care Plan?

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