When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it is important to explore every available treatment option. 

Clinical trials are an opportunity to receive cutting-edge treatments and therapies before they become widely available. 

Oncology Consultants frequently runs clinical trials at all of our facilities. These include Phase One trials, which are typically only available at very select research facilities.

What are clinical trials?


Clinical trials are research studies designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or other types of therapies. Cancer treatments and therapies have vastly improved over time thanks to clinical trials. And if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, a clinical trial may be one of the treatment options available to you.


Is a clinical trial for me?


When you're deciding whether to join a trial, we'll give you a thorough explanation so you can make the right choice. We'll give you a document called an "informed consent form" that tells you everything you need to know about the trial. You can take this paper home and talk to your family and friends before you make a decision. 

It's important to know that this document is not a contract, and it doesn't force you to stay in the trial if you change your mind. You can always talk to your doctor if you want to leave the trial at any time.

Clinical trials are vital when it comes to developing new and effective cancer treatments. But they can seem daunting. Which is why it’s important to provide accurate information about how they work.

Below, we debunk some myths around clinical trials and present the facts, empowering you to make informed decisions about participating in one.

Need more information? 


If you want to learn more about clinical trials, please get in touch with your doctor. They will help you understand how a clinical trial works and go through all the details, including benefits and risks. If you’re still interested, they can suggest available trials that might be right for you. 


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*All physicians, research staff, nurses, pharmacists, and infusion technicians involved in research activities at Oncology Consultants are GCP-certified, as required by the FDA

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