Oncology Consultants has pharmacies in our Medical Center, Memorial City and Katy clinic to make it easy for your prescriptions to be filled quickly and efficiently. Created since 2002, OC Pharmacies has been the in-house specialty and retail pharmacies for Oncology Consultants.   Based on the vision of our founder Dr. Luis Campos, that one day many cancer treatments will be available in pills, the ultimate goal was to efficiently align and coordinate the complex care of specialty medications from the oncologist to the specialty pharmacy and ultimately to the patient's home.

Oncology Consultant Pharmacies are accredited by the Accreditation Committee for Healthcare (ACHC)  as a specialty pharmacy that embodies excellence, integrity, and unparalleled services. We follow the highest standards of performance and patient care through education and collaborative approach with our medical team. 



  • Convenient availability of specialty drugs readily stocked
  • Timely delivery and close monitoring to ensure medication compliance
  • Refill reminder calls to avoid running out of medication
  • Knowledgeable staff available to assist patients in navigating the sometimes complex and challenging journey of oral cancer treatments
  • Multi-language translators available
  • Accept Medicare Part B and Part D, Medicaid and many other insurances.
  • Financial counseling to help you access available resources

The OC pharmacies stock the latest oral oncolytics and can help with distribution of these medications as well as injectables. The highly qualified staff in turn, collaborate with the other team members to help patients manage complex drug therapies and minimize drug interactions.

The ultimate goal is to make the process efficient, safe and easy – all in one place, all at once. Why leave the clinic after an office visit and then go to another pharmacy unfamiliar with your particular health status? The pharmacy staff is able to facilitate access to financial assistance for patients, making it easier for patients to afford the costly medications necessary for treatment. This invaluable service is not only available to our patients at Oncology Consultants but to any cancer patient needing help navigating the financial process.






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