Cancer knows no boundaries, affecting individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and socioeconomic statuses. That’s why equitable access to high-quality oncology services should be available to everyone.

Access to these services has a direct impact on the lives, health outcomes, and overall well-being of patients. It enables early detection, timely treatment, and personalized care, reducing cancer-related morbidity and mortality.

By removing barriers to care, such as financial constraints, geographical disparities, and racial or ethnic disparities, we can address health inequities and empower all patients to receive the best possible treatment and support.
Equity in oncology not only enhances survival rates but also fosters a compassionate and inclusive healthcare system that upholds the principle that every individual deserves the opportunity to fight cancer with dignity and hope.

Our patient advocates are dedicated to patient equity. They regularly meet with our newly diagnosed cancer patients to address individual needs. Our patient advocate team has helped our patients with free and reduced goods and services, such as:

• Transportation
• Mattresses
• Prescription Glasses
• Utility Bills
• Rent assistance
• Foundation/Grant assistance
• Food Assistance
• Housing and Shelter placement
• Hair prosthetics (wigs and other devices)
• PEG tube nutrition
• Hotel lodging

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