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Clinton W.


Mr. Clinton W. is well-known in the Houston art community, spending his professional and personal life spreading his expertise and love of art.

Mr. W. has been with the OC Family for 4 years battling two different diseases with Dr. Hude. "You become shocked when someone tells you that you have cancer." His journey included both radiation and chemo. "It wasn't as bad as I expected."

"Dr. Hude put a good team together for me,” Mr. W. says. “And he is good at explaining all the options. He saved my life!” He goes on to say, “Dr. Hude is compassionate and knows how to talk to patients. He has become a friend to me. He is simply a good, funny and caring guy. You can quickly sense that he truly does care. Dr. Hude is the real deal!"

Thank you for sharing your story Mr. Clinton W., together we'll overcome cancer!



Thank you for allowing us to share your incredible journey ...

Today is my all-time new favorite day ever; today I officially beat cancer for the second time!! My oncologist gave me my official NED (no evidence of disease) status 🥳🤗 I still have my one-year colonoscopy to get through and then my port removal, but I am ready to close the chapter on cancer MOVE THE HECK ON! Mark has been my rock and safe place during this ordeal and I thank God every day for bringing us together- we are stronger together than ever 🩵

I want to thank each of you that prayed, commented with encouraging words, offered help, and lovingly supported throughout the last two years!

Cancer has taken a lot from me(us)- more than most of you will ever comprehend- but it has given a few gifts: I have joined a community that is uniquely special and supportive; I have new “cancer” friends here that I adore because they know my struggle; I have discovered that I can endure more pain and emotional upheaval that I imagined; and I have new confidence and am embracing life like I never did before. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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Ida E.


Ida E. has been a part of the #OCfamily for roughly 20 years. She battled breast cancer with Oncology Consultants in 2000. And Ms. Ida has been fighting cancer with Dr. Hude by her side after her breast cancer metastasized to her lungs in 2016. She thinks Dr. Hude is great, and the relationships he builds with his patients are warm and caring.

Ms. Ida is part of Angel's Surviving Cancer, an organization that does outstanding work to provide aid to women who are battling breast cancer. Ms. Ida imparts this wisdom: "Accept each day as a gift from God. Always press forward. A journey was put before me, placing important people in my life. Always surround yourself with positive people."

Thank you Ida E. for sharing your story with us, together we will overcome cancer

Joseph S.


Mr. Joseph S. has been seeing Dr. Hude at Oncology Consultants since September 2018. Joseph was in Mexico surfing with a group of his friends when he began to feel weak. Three weeks later, he went to the emergency room only to discover he had liver cancer.

Joseph's options were limited, as radiation and liver transplant were out of the equation. Hope became scarce as individuals told him to "get his affairs in order." Joseph got multiple medical opinions, but he decided to trust his care to Dr. Hude. "Dr.Hude knew our names. He never gave up on me and was truly invested in my health. I owe my life to him."

During Mr. S.'s initial treatment, he faced difficult side effects. Family and friends of Joseph hosted a benefit on his behalf where over 200 people came together to donate to his cause. When Joseph began immunotherapy he started slowly feeling like himself again. Joseph is now able to work and enjoy many of his hobbies.

"I am grateful for the whole journey. It changed the way I look at life, family and friends. You realize who really appreciates you. I look forward- not to the past. Everyday is God's work." Thank you Mr. S.  for sharing your story with us. Together we will overcome cancer!

Kimberly P.


I am a Breast Cancer warrior and survivor, and I am cancer free as of 5/10/2022!!

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer in June 2021. My family doctor sent me to Dr. Devesh Pandya because of concerning markers in my bloodwork (nothing to do with cancer unless she just didn’t want to worry me). I was told he is a Hematologist, so imagine my surprise when I arrived and saw Oncology Consultants on the door. I knew I was in the wrong place. I went inside to inquire anyway and learned he is both a Board-Certified Oncologist and Hematologist.


On my second visit, to discuss the results of my bloodwork, Dr. Pandya noticed a large swollen node in my underarm. I knew it was there but thought nothing of it, it had come and gone in the past. He immediately changed my mammogram, which was scheduled for 3 weeks out, to a stat request.


When Dr. Pandya said the words, you have breast cancer, my first thought was: please God no, cancer cannot touch this family again. My kids real Mom died of Lung Cancer when they were just ages 6, 8 and 17. I have been raising them since a year after that, with my husband. My next thought was I’m going to die. I was uneducated and believed Stage 3C must be just before Stage 4, which meant death. (I now know people can live with Stage 4 cancer).


When you live in Houston, it seems blasphemous to not go to MD Anderson.  I received a second opinion with MD Anderson, but I already knew I wanted to stay with Dr. Pandya. He was gracious and professional enough to speak to their doctors the day I was there. I felt at home and confident with Dr. Pandya right away. Fast forward to finding out that he is from the same town in Louisiana that my family is from. Dr. Pandya named me his valedictorian patient, for how I came through the harshest chemo on the market, with little to no side effects. 


I am alive today by God’s grace and because Dr. Pandya is a brilliant, caring, compassionate, straightforward, and thorough doctor. He makes things plain. He has the best personality and cares deeply about his patients. He has never rushed me, answers my questions (I show up with a spiral notebook full of them) and always has print outs for me to refer to at home. I continue to visit Oncology Consultants because I am on anti-recurrence maintenance meds, that require periodic labs. The entire staff is more than competent and caring, including Jenny, Monica, Lashella, the ladies in the lab and well as Wendy and the other oncology nurses. I don’t wish cancer on anyone, but if you must have it, the best experience is with Oncology Consultants.

Lyzette R.


Lyzette R. is a breast cancer patient of Dr. Hasham-Jiwa. She was diagnosed in August 2019. "Being diagnosed with cancer turns your whole world upside down, I was diagnosed at 31." As soon as Lyzette met with Dr. Hasham-Jiwa, she felt as if she had a game plan in place. Everyone at the clinic was kind and caring, including nurse Susan.

Lyzette is a school teacher - her school, family and friends supported her along the journey. She was gifted a blanket by a dear friend after her surgery. The blanket never left Lyzette's side during doctor appointments. "I clung to it; it was my comfort blanket.”

Lyzette R. is thankful to God and for the perspective cancer gave her and is thankful for OC for taking care of everything in a prompt matter. Since winning her fight against breast cancer, Lyzette has been giving back to her community. The importance of her blanket still carried significant meaning to her, she decided to raise money to buy and pass out blankets to current individuals that are battling cancer. Each blanket is wrapped with a bow and a motivational quote. Recently, Lyzette visited our Southeast clinic for the third time and dropped off more blankets in hopes of providing comfort to someone in need.

Paul S.


He is well known around the Memorial City clinic as "Chemo Claus," due to the fact that every year around the holidays, Mr. S. dresses up as Santa Claus, bringing joy and plenty of smiles to our patients and staff members. 

Paul was kind enough to share his story with us that started in 2011 when he began fighting colon cancer with Dr. Campos. In 2016, his cancer reappeared as metastatic colon cancer. Paul works hand in hand with Oncology Consultants along with Dr. Kopetz at MD Anderson. The collaboration between the two facilities have aided Mr. S. greatly. "I am able to get the best of both worlds." Oncology Consultants provides the ease of familiar faces and the personable touch and care at each and every treatment while MD Anderson paves the way to cutting edge technology. 

Paul emphasizes the importance of getting a colonoscopy routinely. He was advised to get a colonoscopy at the age of 50, but failed to get one. Two years later, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

"Play an active role in your cancer, be involved." Mr. S. has provided his own personal touch to fighting his cancer. He has enhanced his diet along with incorporating exercise to his everyday schedule. Also, Mr. S. stays up to date on the latest research within the cancer industry. He once attended the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Washington D.C (consisting of doctors, researchers and individuals from all over the world) as means of gaining more knowledge about his cancer and the best methods of treating it. 

Thank you Paul for sharing your story, together we will overcome cancer.

So M.


Ms. So M. has been with our #OCfamily since 2013 when she was first diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. After winning that battle, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma a few years later. As of today, she has beat cancer for the second time. She has walked this long journey with Dr. Hasham-Jiwa by her side. Ms. Magbanua loves Oncology Consultants, and her doctor, Dr. Hasham-Jiwa. Dr. Hasham-Jiwa (along with the staff at the Southeast, Pearland and Imaging clinics) treat her like family and are constantly smiling, filling her experience with a positive atmosphere and allowing her to focus on getting better versus getting depressed. "When Dr. Hasham-Jiwa tells you something, she acts on it. She would answer my calls during after hours, and would immediately follow up with any questions and concerns. She is always sympathetic".

"They truly care about me, and that motivates me to do better. When I come in for treatment, I see it as a break, a time for relaxation. The environment is very comfortable. The staff constantly checks on me by asking if I need a blanket, food, etc. The entire staff would rejoice for me when my results came back good." Ms. So M. feels as if she is a guest at someone's house, far from the reality of an Oncology Clinic.

Years after battling breast cancer, Ms. M. was diagnosed with Lymphoma. This time her family urged her to got to MD Anderson, for the sake of her family wishes; she decided to try them out. However, she did not stay long as her experience was very much different than that of Oncology Consultants. Ms. So M. quickly transferred back to Dr. Hasham-Jiwa at Oncology Consultants and won the battle against Lymphoma. "Before I complain, they can already tell when something is wrong. They do not even give me the chance to complain. I am very impressed with the quality of care that Oncology Consultants offers. They treat each of their patients with equal care."

Thank you Ms. M. for sharing your story, and together we will continue to overcome cancer!

Debra S.S.


Ms. S.S. has been part of the #OCfamily since 2018 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her breast surgeon, Dr. Dempsey, recommended Dr. Raizen. She wanted to go to someone that her surgeon knew and trusted. "Dr. Raizen and I both used to live Austin and attended University of Texas. During our appointments we always talk about Austin." Debra was overwhelmed with the kindness that #OCstaff showed her in the infusion room.

Debra was amazed to run into so many individuals with the same story as hers. While in the waiting room at Oncology Consultants, she would converse with other women that were battling breast cancer, realizing that they all see the same doctors. “There is a big community of people that are in a similar situation to mine - everyone is going through something." Ms. S.S. biggest support system were two individuals. One of the them being her mother. "My mother battled stage 3 colon cancer 20 years ago. She's 87 years old now and still kicking it." The second supporter was a friend of hers that was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after her. They were able to support each other during the journey. 

Ms. S.S. continues to enjoy life with plenty of walks planned for the coming months. A few of them include: Sisters Network Breast Cancer Walk, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure walk, and the American Cancer Society Walk. While battling cancer, she even traveled to New York City with her mother as they were selected by the Today Show to have brunch at the plaza, a mother's day edition; and the timing could not have been any more perfect as it was in-between her chemo sessions. "Keep enjoying life, why should I let it get to me, it's out of my hands; it's in a greater power. What's meant to be will happen." Thank you Ms. S.S. for sharing your story, together we overcame cancer!

Sherean G.


Sherean G. has been part of the #OCfamily since December 2007 working along side Dr. Nguyen to fight her battle. She was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, and became a survivor for 8 years. However, on October 2016, Sherean’s cancer returned. Her breast cancer metastasized to her lungs and bones. She knew right away that she was going to go back to Dr. Nguyen. “I love Dr. Nguyen, and I’ve been with him since day one.”

The second time battling cancer was nothing like the first time because it spread; but Ms. G. refused to surrender. “Everything is temporary, even this life. I don’t know what my number is but it’s not now, I believe in God’s will. I’m still in pain, but I always push forward. I want people to say, she lived her life. Even with aches and pain I keep going. I never say, I wish but rather what time and where?!”

“It’s all about a positive mind set. During the process, you realize who your friends are. You are not alone, if you look to God there’s no way you’re alone, along with self love.”

Ms. G. emphasizes that the little things mean a lot to people. A small text, a smile, a hug, and many more. “I send inspirational texts every morning.” 

As Sherean said: “I rock cancer, cancer doesn’t rock me.” Thank you Ms. G. for sharing your story. Together, we will overcome cancer!

Sherrie E.


Sherrie E. has been with the OC Family 2014. She was 3 years past her routine colonoscopy, with no symptoms and not a single history of cancer in her family. On September 25, 2014, Ms. E. took her first colonoscopy and quickly found out that she had Rectal Cancer. "I was in shock, and stayed in bed the entire day. My Colon-Rectal Surgeon saw me the next day, Dr. Voloyiannis, he took my hand and said: we'll get through this. The tumor was gone by January 2015. "Dr. Hasham-Jiwa was so good at listening to me if something did not work, if the side effects were too harsh. You learn a lot of things during treatment, it is not a happy place; but you see familiar faces and it makes it easy. It was tough, but I was always positive and would not let it get to me. I never asked why me?"

Sherrie's husband was her hero. Mr. E. continued to travel to New Orleans for work in order for Ms. E. to keep her insurance. "He would clean my ileostomy bag and was really good at laughing at things. Everyone kicked in as a family." Sherrie notes that going through a journey like this, changes ones' priorities. With every visit that Ms. E. made to Oncology Consultants’ Southeast office, she felt at home and constantly was surrounded by familiar faces. "I never dreaded coming in for treatment, although I knew I'll get a mouth full of ulcers, and other side effects, but I never dreaded it. Sherrie's "little bump in the road" ended when she became cancer-free on April 16, 2019. Together, we overcame cancer! Thank you Ms. E. for sharing your story with us.

Tim S. 


Tim S. has been with the OC Family since October 2015, with Dr. Pandya by his side. It took months for Tim to figure out what exactly was wrong with him, with each month his cough would worsen; becoming more painful.

At the age of 39, Tim was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. His primary care doctor told him: "If anyone in my family had this, I would tell them to go see Dr. Pandya." During Tim's first appointment with Dr. Pandya; Dr. Pandya told him, "This is the 1st day of your new life, and I cut this specific cancer like a hot knife through butter." Dr. Pandya never let Tim feel down, he never let it get to him. As Tim stated: "Live life to the max, I never knew how bad it could get. You realize how good you used to have it; It really sucks, but look how much you have now that you didn't realize before."

Just as Dr. Pandya had said, Tim's life changed. "I thought I could still work, but I couldn't do it - my new job was chemo. I would walk where I once used to run, I couldn't help with taking out the trash, along many more things that began to change in my daily life. It was a new way of life."

Tim was deadly afraid of needles. Before October, he would never do needles, never took x-rays and barely saw doctors. "I would always pass out when I was about to get a shot." After Tim's first chemo session, he got a blood clot in his left arm along with an infection in his port. This lead him to conquer one of his biggest fears, needles. Tim had to self inject himself with a needle everyday. "During my first 5 chemo sessions, I was on thin ice. I didn't want to see anyone. It was hard for people to understand why I couldn't do certain things. After that, I began to balance it out. I became more confident, communicated better with my doctors, and interacted with people."

One day, Tim got a fortune cookie that said: "Remember 3 months from this date, your lucky star is shining." So he started to count down from 90, each day getting closer to zero. Three months later, his results came back negative. During the journey, Tim went a purchased a new pair of running shoes as motivation. Once it was all over, he put on his new pair of running shoes and began to run.

Thank you TIm S. for sharing your story with us, together we overcame cancer!