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Whether you have a life-threatening cancer, a chronic disease like diabetes or a minor medical problem, there are many clinical trials for patients to participate.  Participating in a clinical trial can offer hope when existing medical treatments fail and give patients access to promising new treatments. 


Nearly all of the cancer-fighting drugs and devices currently available exist because they were thoroughly tested in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or other types of therapies. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, a clinical trial may be one of the treatment options available to you.


The primary benefit of a clinical trial is access to the highest quality of cancer treatment, with the possibility of receiving a new treatment before it is widely available. Many people who have participated in clinical trials feel that the advantages include getting the best available care, receiving newer/better treatment, receiving increased medical attention, playing an active role in their own health care, and making a valuable contribution to cancer research.


To find a clinical trial, a first good step is for patients to speak with their doctor to ask about trials that may be appropriate for them.   We have a Research Department here at Oncology Consultants and have a number of clinical trials available for our patients with cancer. 


The research staff is always happy to speak with patients and help them make an informed decision about volunteering for a clinical trial that may have been recommended by their doctor.


The research team can explain the details of particular studies including the benefits and potential risks.  Patients joining a clinical trial sign an informed consent document to confirm their understanding of what is involved in the study. They take this document home to share with their family/friends, it is not a contract and does not obligate patients to remain in the trial. They may withdraw from the trial at any time and may receive standard treatment.

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