Oncology Consultants' patient advocates, our CHWs, are the unsung heroes of the cancer journey. They are always ready, like the Coast Guard, to embark on a new mission with each patient. These advocates provide more than just medical care; they offer a lifeline, a support system, and a compassionate presence during one of the most challenging times in a patient's life.

The role of our CHWs is to ensure that cancer patients do not feel alone in their battle. They actively work to remove the burdens that can make the journey even more arduous. From ensuring access to nutritious food to arranging transportation to medical appointments and even helping with financial difficulties, they stand by their patients, fighting not only against the disease but against the obstacles that threaten to hinder the path to recovery.

The H.O.P.E. Initiative, driven by our patient advocates, embodies the spirit of "Semper Paratus" by being always ready to serve, support, and uplift those facing the challenges of cancer. In their commitment to eliminating barriers and providing hope, they exemplify the true meaning of the United States Coast Guard's motto.

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Robin Arrambide

Patient Advocate and Navigation Lead


Meredith Bartlett

Patient Advocate


Alma Prince

Patient Advocate


Jennifer Bustillos

Patient Advocate


Michelle Presley

Patient Advocate


Maria Lopez

Patient Advocate


Catherine Bui

Patient Advocate