In early 2023, OC Genetics and High-Risk Clinic was launched. The goal of the clinic is to offer hereditary genetic testing to patients who are diagnosed with cancer, have a history of cancer and/or are at higher risk to develop cancer due to a family history of cancer.

Oncology Consultants currently has two Hereditary Cancer Genetics Specialists and Counselors: Arby Cohen and Afton Dickerson. They are Advanced Practice Providers who are alumni of the City of Hope - Intensive Cancer Genomics and Risk Assessment Program.

Genetic testing can help prevent severe illness and guide cancer screening recommendations. Most insurance companies will cover early screening for detection of disease when a genetic component is identified. Early identification of cancer or other diseases can make the difference between a curable and incurable disease. Positive results do not guarantee a future cancer diagnosis but provide us with the opportunity for early cancer screening and making lifestyle changes to prevent a poor outcome. 

Oncology Consultants has tested hundreds of patients from the inception of OC Genetics and has identified multiple alterations in hereditary cancer genes. We counsel at-risk patients and provide monitoring and surveillance of patients in our High-Risk clinic.

For more information about OC Genetics, please contact us at 855-827-9525 for a new patient appointment or to speak to one of our Hereditary Cancer Genetics Specialists and Counselors.